Oct 28, 2017

【exhibition】31 DAYS OF INK【11/03-11/28】

コミュニティ・カフェ EMANONでは、白河市在住のイラストレーターMichael Gehrkeと版画家Jessie Pautschによる共同展『31 DAYS OF INK』を開催します。

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Each October,artists around the world participate in the ‘Inktober’ challenge. Each day, an artist makes a piece of art with ink media,including everything from drawing pens to sumi.

Michel Gehrke an Jessie Pautsch are American artist who live and work in Shirakawa. Michael is an illustrator and ALT in the school district,while Jessie is a printmaker who works from their home.

Michael’s theme is “characters for an urban fantasy”,where he imagines and designs people who you might find in a book or movie.

Jessie’s series is based on the natural world of Japan.She loves to be outside and discover new birds,plants,and insects.

【exhibition】31 DAYS OF INK【11/03-11/28】

Date:3.Nov.2017 – 28.Nov.2017

観覧時間:12:00 – 22:00 ※定休日/毎週水・木曜日
Open hours:12:00 – 22:00 ※Closed on Wed and Thu

会場:コミュニティ・カフェ EMANON (〒961-0905 福島県白河市本町9
Venue:Community cafe EMANON(9 Motomachi,Shirakawa-shi,Fukushima-ken

観覧料:学生無料 大人ワンドリンクオーダー
Admission:Student =0yen Adults = You have to order at least one drink per guest.

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