Mar 29, 2024



We hold “alt_cafe” weekly on Friday from 17:30 to 18:45 at Community Cafe EMANON.

alt_cafeとは?/ What’s alt_cafe?

Assistant Learning Teacher(ALT)と一緒に作る、alternative(オルタナティブ)な放課後カフェです。

This “alt_cafe” is an afterschool cafe, which is alternative to school where students may get uncomfort-ableness in talking in English.
We offer this community with Assistant Learning Teacher (also known as ALT) and aim for community members enjoy socializing in English through playing board games and joining events.


We welcome everyone who is willing to talk and learn English, interested in cultural exchange, loves playing board games …etc.

参加方法 / How to join

Send your “name”, “school”, and “alt_cafe” to EMANON’s official LINE.

Go to Community Cafe EMANON on Friday at 17:30.


※You can come to alt_cafe without any appointments after the first time.
If you have any questions regard to alt_cafe, please send us messages or come to cafe and ask our
staff directly.